Historical information of basalt technology
The Origins of Technology
Approximately from the beginning of 1970 years, under the task military industrial complex of the USSR, open joint-stock company "Scientific-Research Institute of Glassfiber and Fiber (SRIGF, now known as PJSC «NIISV»­­)" was engaged in development in the field of creation of fibers from minerals.
During these works, were reconsidered technologies of production of a superthin basalt fiber (Rock Wool), thin basalt fiber and continuous basalt fiber. Super thin and thin fibers were widely applied and continue to be used for heat insulation in construction, mechanical engineering and in atomic engineering, but the theme of continuous basalt fibers, in connection with prospects of application of this material for needs of Military complex and rocket industry, was under secret. That way, down to 1991 all works connected with CBF (continious basalt fiber) be ordered only in a military direction.
After USSR
After disorder of the USSR, orders from Military complex have ceased to act, but experience in application CBF for needs of a national economy was not. At this time open joint-stock company "Scientific-Research Institute of Glassfiber and Fiber (SRIGF)", continuing works above theme CBF, began to introduce new materials and products based in CBF which have found application in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, civil construction. At the same time proceeded works above technologies.
So, since 2000, SRIGF has developed and successfully introduced new technology of reception of a continuous basalt fiber. As against the traditional technology used in the countries of former Soviet Union, the technology of SRIGF is more effective, mobile, is constructed in view of specificity physical and chemical properties of basalt. This technology even works on Ukrainian - Japanese joint venture, which makes basalt rovings for needs of automotive industry of Japan.