When millions tons of Turkish general reserves are considering, beyond the existing usage areas, upgrading employment and export opportunities with its revolutional technology products, the country can make more strong contributions to economy, so basalt should be evaluated as our «National Source»!
To use as the main and/or auxiliary raw material for mass production of many materials in defense industry, aircraft industry, space industry, shipbuilding industry, energy industry, construction industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation, refinery, mechanical engineering, cryogenic techniques, textile industry, porcelain industry and paper production. To be able to evaluate our sectoral import requirements on the basis of products we can make. To be able to export as our national product that will increase the acceleration of our export data (addressing tens of different sectors as product/material groups with superior manufacturing technology). To be able to use individually in many of employment areas in all the sectors listed above.
Our primary objects are to make our basalt resources can get «National Qualification»!