Basalt products of such enterprises have great competitive advantages due to the optimal ratio of price to quality, as well as high demand in the market.
The main activity of the company is creation of effective productions on release of continuous basalt fiber (СBF) with technologies of the last generation and composites on the basis of СBF (Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites as BFRP).
LLC «Tesla Invests» provides a full range of services and works on the construction of plants on a "key-turn" basis:
• Drawing up of the technological regulations of industrial production of the CBF;
• Selection of equipment for fiber production and production of basalt fiber products;
• Drawing of technological lines, internal transport and movement of raw materials products;
• Calculation of infrastructure needs (gas, electricity, water, air);
• Internal distribution of all infrastructure in the production area;
• Selection of security and automation systems;
• Arrangement of equipment, arrangement of supply systems;
• General plans of sites, layout of production;
• Logistics of raw materials/products;
• Determination of the impact on the environment, emission points and solution of issues with production waste;
• Drawings of platinum-rhodium bushing and melting furnaces, in electronic media and papers.
Experts of LLC «Tesla Invests» apply a comprehensive approach, individually working through each stage – from the raw material base to the final composite product.
stages of implementation of the continuous basalt fiber project
Each of CBF projects is unique, but all of them go through standard stages of its implementation. To reduce the project realization time and necessary resources, part of the stages can be performed in parallel as below:
Before Project Stage
Two studies are conducted — the study of rocks of basalt raw materials and preliminary economic calculations (business plan).
Pre-Project Stage
Carrying out complex engineering surveys on the proposed site and development of the Conceptual design and feasibility study of investments (feasibility studies).
Drafting process of project documentation: Schematic design and Detailed design.
Equipment Supply
Ordering and manufacturing of technological equipment. Delivery of equipment to the site.
Construction and Installation
Construction work on the site for the construction of buildings and laying of communications. Installation and commissioning of process equipment and life support equipment.
Employee Training
Preparation of methodical training base, training of engineering and technical personnel of the enterprise.
Achievement of the planned production indicators and transfer of the facility into operation.
Constant research and development, as well as market knowledge allow us to offer enterprise management services as below:
Technology Update
Periodic upgrade of technological units and processes is carried out to help keep the enterprise at the modern technological level.
Operations Management
Management of operational activities of the enterprise before its self-sufficiency, including the organization of sales, promotion of products to the market and advertising events.