Sample Process for Manufacture of Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF) "3000 Tone/Year"
Basalt Roving Process
The process of roving production consists of the following stages:
Delivery and unloading of basalt crushed stone of fraction 5-15 mm to a storehouse;
Inspection and testing of basalt stones;
Preparing of some lubricants;
Charging of basalt crushed stone into melting furnace;
Basalt mass melting;
Manufacture of continuous basalt fiber in the form of a thread;
In-process control of basalt thread;
Keeping the thread for 24 hours in workshop conditions;
Chip chopping and drying;
Rewinding of the thread and getting roving with specified value of linear density;
Drying of roving;
Quality control of roving based on standards;
Transporting to the storehouse and storage.
Raw Materials
Raw material requirements:
Type of usable lubricants:
Main Requirements
The main characteristics of the complex are as follows:
Energy Resources
Utility needs per year:
Number of labours and required direct personnel may be determined based on the following table:
Equipments & Prices
Type of equipment with prices (Euro) and, basic technical characteristics of them, showed the following table (this table contains precision alloys):
*All equipment for preparing of basalt raw-material, crushers, washers, separators etc., customer need only if the basalt quarry stone supplier does not have such equipment and will not be able to supply the necessary basalt crushed stone with a fraction of 5-15 mm.
**From pumping basalt-powder to winding packages; the Buyer should prefix water-pipe, cable conduit, gas-pipe, according to technical layouts.
***Platinum/Rhodium bushings-60 pcs. (approx. 2,2 kg/each), 4 206 665,-€ at 14.08.2018/LME (90% Platinium+10% Rhodium ≈31,868 €/gr). The alloy will amortize all up to 3% per one year, therefore this sum can be considered as the investment in valuable metal.
Platinum/Rhodium alloy bushings
Process Controling Systems
All control systems produced with controllers and electronics of the best of leading electronics companies/manufacturers. The system will register all the changes in the technological process at the central computer.
The main controlling items are:
Control of melting temperature;
Control of bushing electrical load;
Control of natural gas flow rate;
Interlocking of cooling water flow;
Interlocking of compressed air flow;
Interlocking of electrical current in the bushing;
Rotational speed program control of bobbin holder;
Traverse motion control;
Control of forming cake etc.
Economic Calculations
Being based on experience of working enterprises Ukrainian/Japanese joint venture; it is possible to tell that, for productivity of 600.000 kg. per one year, the level of the cost price is on a mark 1.0€ for kg. The price for basalt roving and chopped fiber in the market; 2.5-3.0€. For productivity of 3.000 tons per one year it is possible to lower the cost price and a sale price. Even if don't process production in products, and to sell only roving and chopped fiber, we receive more than 1.0€ of the income. At volumes 3.000 ton/year, will make 3.000.000€.
Proceeding from this, expenses for the equipment for manufacture CBF, without taking into account platinum will be paid back, in view of factor of discounting under 8% annual-for 4 years. Expenses for purchase of platinum and rhodium are not taken into account, as platinum will not amortize. The economic return for the equipment for processing a basalt fiber in products depends on characteristics of each kind of the equipment and may be submitted at a stage of the feasibility report of investments.
Deadline of Project
Our suggested deadline time contains technical orders preparing, designing, fabrication, delivery, installation, training, starting up and putting equipment into operation and shall be carried out within approximately 24 months based on the following deadline periods, execution of the contract.
For defining of production project and carrying out required local information for designing the project;
Execution of building and assembly jobs;
Development of design, technological documentations and control systems, as well as "know-how", basic engineering, detail engineering and technical assistances;
Manufacture of complete sets of special technological equipment, measuring control equipment, rigging and instruments, as well as purchase of standard equipment;
Execution of mounting and launching operations;
Training of experts;
Giving a work-out to the technology, performance of pilot batch of production (trial production);
Steady state condition for performance output based on design capacity and quality.
Technical/economical feasibility for investment (first stage of the project!) will be done, within 3 months after advance payment;
Detailed engineering works on project will be done, within 8 months after advanced payment.
The Offered Planning & The Terms of Work on Project
1st Stage: Search and purchase of a building site or existing plants.
2nd Stage: Drawing up technical & economic project of investments. In parallel, registration of specifications and allowing documentation for connection to networks of an infrastructure (2-3 months).
3th Stage: Drawing up of the equipment design of construction of manufacture (6 months). In parallel, to conduct the order of the process equipment.
4th Stage: Building and installation works.
5th Stage: Test, improvement of technological processes.
In parallel all stages; search of the personnel, engineering works which are carried out by
LLC «Tesla Invests».
Installment Period